Stop thinking about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey!
Fitzhugh Mullan
Movie about two friends who embark on a sailing trip along the Tersk coast of the White sea, the journey is a bit more complicated then ordinary, because one of the friends is confined to a wheelchair
Фильм ― призёр международных кинофестивалей
Best movie award
Filmmaker, producer, participant of numerous film festivals Ardokfest, Stalker, Northern character, etc
Pavel Zelenov
Author, project manager, experienced traveler, film maker, student of RGUFKSM&T, member of multiple northern expeditions
Andrew Zelenov
Meet the team
Ivan Shemerko
Chief cameraman, photographer of Murmansk subsidiary of Geometria.ru, manages the film crew
Trailer «I`m rowing a boat»
«I`m rowing a boat»
Photoshoot, inspired by movie «I`m rowing a boat»
Festival participant
Best movie award
Фестиваль-киноэкспедиция «Молодая Арктика»
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Andrew Zelenov
On the page of our project «Mountainway» www.elbrus.club you can support Andrew Zelenov with motivational words by texting him and the team via messengers below. You can also donate and help the team to gather the necessary equipment and gear to execute the ascent and film the movie