Andrew Zelenov is a traveler form Murmansk. 10 years ago he lost the opportunity to move around on his own 2 feet due to a tragic traffic accident. He underwent multiple operations but still did not recover completely to be able to at least walk.
This fact did not stop him, moreover it became a starting point of the new challenges and expeditions he always dreamed of
In early 2018 together with Kolsky peninsula expeditions we developed an inclusive project – a journey where Andrey was the main character. 6 days in harsh northern conditions in a group of 10 he had to travel over 600 km on a snow mobile across Kolsky peninsula from the white sea to Khibin mountains.
This was the one o a kind project, realized in the Murmansk area.
Creator and manager of the route and the project itself. Guide/ Instructoe with 20+ years experience in snowmobile journeys on Kolsky peninsula
Sergei Konyaev
Author, project manager, experienced traveler, film maker, student of RGUFKSM&T, member of multiple northern expeditions
Andrew Zelenov
Meet the team
Ivan Shemerko
Chief cameraman, photographer of Murmansk subsidiary of, manages the film crew
Trailer «Polarway»
«Веду я лодку»
Photo gallery «Polarway»
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Andrew Zelenov
On the page of our project «Mountainway» you can support Andrew Zelenov with motivational words by texting him and the team via messengers below. You can also donate and help the team to gather the necessary equipment and gear to execute the ascent and film the movie